A Gift Long Overdue!

Fahad Asghar
2 min readAug 4, 2020

It is the supreme Art of the Teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.~Albert Einstein.

My Urdu professor, Sir Nasir who hailed from Bahawalpur, was truly a person who truly loved his students like his very own son. Teaching for a span of five years during my college life, he told us about the importance of sacrifice, courage, devotion to the cause, respect and above all, love for everyone. Leaving him after four years was really an emotional scene as it ignited memories that will continue to live us forever. His missiles, his funny way of saying “Pando (idiot)” and his brief lecture whenever we scored bad in exams, have become something to cherish about. As I right this blog and a letter of gratitude, I find myself reliving those distant memories that seems to be very meaningful now.

The prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said,

“Whoever pleases his parents has pleased Allah Almighty, and whoever angers them has angered Allah Almighty.”

Parents are the only two people in the world whose love is unconditional 100 percent, who care for their child more than anyone else and who are willing to give up their life for their child. As selfish and materialistic we have become, we have out rightly forgotten about how important parents are and how they nurture and feed us despite all those pains and sufferings we cause them. So, its very important for us to express our gratitude and love towards them in order to make them aware of their sacrifices and their hardships that they have borne throughout their lives just to provide us with all those silly demands.