Fahad Asghar
3 min readAug 4, 2020


#JustStart your goals

SMART goals is a creative way to break down and structure your goal into well defined steps. It drives productivity and delivers optimum result in the time defined constraints.

Acronym for SMART

However, SMART goals require ever changing aims and objectives based on statistics and data. So, SMART also have an edge of becoming much more adaptable under given set of circumstances.

In the age of automation and digitization, soft skills have become one of the most in demand skills to drive productivity and bring in creativity. Within soft skills, communication skills have acquired a center stage.

Communication in simple words, can be defined as sharing or exchanging information, ideas, knowledge or feelings. It can be expressed either verbally, non-verbally, visually or in written form too.

What makes good communication important, is it tends to remove barriers either linguistic or cultural, religious or ethnic, and convey the message to the audience effectively.

As part of my #JustStart goal project, I would be explaining in my very first blog the importance of communication skills for me and how I tend to improve it.

I believe that to start a good relation, good communication must be at the heart of it. In today’s buzzing world, we rely greatly on sharing information which makes it all the more necessary to have a set of good communication skills. Unfortunately, I have found myself lagging in this department. So, in order to make myself more effective in dealing with people as I approach my professional life, I have made it one of my SMART goals to improve on my communication skill set.

I have a sort of personality that is inclined slightly more towards introvert category. I have these amazing ideas that I want to share but when it comes to communicating those ideas, either I become completely blind or fall short of words.

So, I have decided to overcome this deficiency. I have enrolled myself in an online course on COURSERA. I have also joined platforms on Facebook and LinkedIn that could facilitate me in achieving my SMART goal. So during the course of this week, I learnt about

different types of audience

strategies to adopt and

the purpose of communication

It inculcated in me a concept called “Listening to understand” instead of “listening to reply”. This concept not only helped to reply to someone but also understand why the question is being asked, thus providing me the opportunity and subconscious feedback to improve on my communication skills.

My next steps in this goal involves improving my vocabulary, completing the tasks in my coursework and practicing what I learnt during my Amal Fellowship.

From my college education up till university, I have seen people rely extensively solely on good communication skills to deliver their message across the room. It can be concluded that by being able to communicate more effectively, I’ll be able to interact in a more constructive manner, making my day to day task more manageable, facile and productive.