Taking Flight

Last fellowship session with my Amal family

Fahad Asghar
3 min readOct 25, 2020

The last three months have been an amazing journey of self-realization, introspection and finding my inner self. The journey that started by complete luck for me has now ended. It has given me many memories to cherish, many new faces whom I can call friends and fellows, and above all the amazing and wonderful program facilitators of our batch 149, have made my journey worthwhile to remember. Now after three months, it just feels like the final episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where you had to pack your bags and say goodbye to your apartment. I completely feel like Joey as I write this blog😥

However, every journey must end. The last session of our fellowship which I will be focusing on, had some invaluable lessons for all the fellows. At first, we had some reflection on our three-month fellowship journey. We discussed about what was the essence of the fellowship followed by guidelines for the presentation. Afterwards, each circle gave presentation when Sir. Asfandyar (Senior Program Manager) came to grace the occasion.

Long story short, we had a pretty good experience with presenting our mega project as well as hearing about different ideas of our fellowship’s fellows. It was later followed by some remarks of Sir. Asfandyar and how we can improve our presentation skills as well as the effectiveness of our mega project idea.

Later on, with everyone going crazy with their melodious voices to silly jokes, I enjoyed everything a lot. These were few of the last joyous moments of an amazing journey. In addition, a very heartfelt remarks made my day. In the end, we made plans to meet each other soon and arrange a trip to go to Murree.

The session helped me realize the importance of self-discovery and how important it is to be grateful, making a choice to be happy and appreciate all the things you have in your life. The session also helped me to be thankful to our fellowship fellows and a reminder that we need to help each other out for not just the part of fellowship but the longer journey in the life thereby, enabling each other to become lifelong learners. I have made a firm commitment with myself to stay in touch with Amal family through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

My immediate goal after Fellowship is to start a construction company where I would apply my technical knowledge of civil engineering as well as using the business and entrepreneurial skills that Amal academy has taught me. I feel confident in my abilities thanks to Amal fellowship team’s immense guidance.

So as this journey ends, I just want to thank my fellows, my circle members, our PM & APM and above all, the Amal academy for their immense support and guidance that has made me a better version of myself.