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Recalling my first 2 weeks at Amal academy

Fahad Asghar
3 min readOct 16, 2020

IF anything that I have learnt during my last 3 months at Amal academy, it is that reflecting back on the past helps you recall many things and identify what memories and lessons that reflection holds. As the journey nears its end, let me share with you few of my recollections from the first two weeks.

First thing first, this register has been with me since day one and it contains all the lessons, reflections, memorable notes that I started noting down from the very first day. Secondly, this register always reminds me how important the habit of taking notes is. How it helps us prepare and how it is essential for remembering something in the long run. I have made sure that this register remains preserved for the better part of my life and in the hopes that it will continue to remind me of the beautiful time I had at the Amal academy.

The first two weeks were one of the most important and hold a fundamental place in the whole fellowship. The first week was about self discovery. It involved identifying my gifts and skills, the goals that i have set forth for myself and why I want to achieve them, the values that I hold most dear to as well as the values that form the core of Amal academy






The second week was about the life of immersion and Teamwork. They involved the importance of gratitude and how they help us to appreciate others especially the people we hold most close to our hearts. It also involved the importance of teamwork, the role of MVTP, conflict resolution as well as the creation of SMART goals that I want to achieve in my life.

Without making it even more boring, I want to just say that the first two weeks were more about inner journey and knowing myself. They helped me to understand what my values are, what my priorities are in my life and how I want to see myself in the future.

In these two weeks, I discovered that I have A MEDIATOR personality which was reinvigoration of the observations that I had made about myself since the day I observed myself. I learnt about the importance of teamwork, how important it is to collaborate with others, and most importantly how the process of looking inwards or introspection helps us become a better person with each passing day.

The first two weeks started with a bit of uncertainty as I had zero idea what the future at Amal would be like, however with each passing day after witnessing the energy of the Fellowship fellows, the passion and dedication of our Program Manager and Assistant Program manager, I was enthralled and got to have a deeper connection to myself and my loved ones. I could go on and on forever but the list of reflections and memories will continue. So as I close up this blog and the journey nears its ends and the memories start to turn into the fog of the past, I will always remember the love and attention that I witnessed at Amal and how deeply I felt moved by the level of commitment due to the amazing people that are there at Amal.